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Knotty Girls: One man’s love affair with women and wood

by Sam Wilder

David Hostetler couldn’t help himself as he pointed to the tree trunk with protruding lumps and limbs. “There’s a woman in there. There’s a woman in every tree,” he professed. Like a well digger finding water with a divining rod, he finds the sculpture of a female form in each piece of wood. Hostetler seemed comforted by being in his barn, surrounded by knobby, lumpy hunks of trees. Metal racks on all four walls held giant logs from around the world: Indian Laurel from Sri Lanka, Cherry from Nantucket, and Zebra wood from South America. “If I had a magic lens, I’d show you the flowing gown and a figurehead image,” Hostetler said, pointing to one hunk of wood sitting upright on the floor.

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