David Hostetler: The Last Dance


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After 80 years, world-renowned artist David Hostetler reflects on a life and career filled with more turns and curves than the women he has become so well-known for carving.

Drawing on a wealth of never-before-seen home movies and images from Hostetlers past, the film explores the roots of his talent and passions. True to his life, the film is a medley of jazz, wood and women that leads the viewer on a journey to the heart of the creative process and the forces that shape all great art.
Bonus features include-Deleted scenes-Hostetler sculpture galley-Behind the scenes gallery
Produced by Keith Newman. Directed by Casey Hayward. Original music score by Eric Arvai and Andre Grbou. Cover photo courtesy of Larry Hamel-Lambert
In 2011, it won 4 EMMYS
currently being aired on public television, it is a very inspiring film for any age

Too Much Media 2008  68 minutes

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