Marcia Evans Gallery has included Hostetler sculpture with John Evans sculpture and prints to honor their life long friendship of Mentor and Protege

Opening May 4- June 30, 2024

Marcia Evans Gallery
8 East Lincoln St. 
Columbus, OH 43215

Hostetler Gallery Ohio and Art Park Framing hosted an art show and sale to benefit Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, OH

On Friday, March 29th at Hostetler home and studios. It was a great success! I will be doing more collaborative events with Stuart’s Opera House in the future.

Palm Beach Art, Antique and Design Showroom exhibits Hostetler

Palm Beach Art, Antique and Design Showroom

Hostetler sculpture now have a new home in this showroom. They are represented by The Gallery at Four India Street in Nantucket and Palm Beach Design Showroom. Year round. A collective of world- class national and international gallerists and design studios.