Dancer Maquette- available now



136BR 3/24
19″h on black marble base, 6.5″w x 9″d x 2″h
Polished bronze with Ferrari red and BMW black Glasurit car paint
One of David’s iconic forms with a stronger arch of the back and swing of the skirt than the original Dancing Lady. We also make a Dancer with a purple-blue iridescent paint.
David’s wife Susan posed for this sculpture. “I was on my way to the gym, dressed in my colorful tights and top- remember its the late 80’s…. David asked me to pose… asked me to lean further back,, I am limber… photos were taken… he goes back to the clay original to complete the sculpture”. On consignment from a collector, she is in Athens, OH studios ready for a new home!


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Weight 1 kg