Tribal Figure- by commission


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172B 1/6
Bronze with dark brown patina
Sculpture currently on loan to Nantucket Hotel in Nantucket
Tribal Figure was cast from an original wood carving of the same title. You can see the carving marks and checks in the wood that were transferred to the bronze. So, she looks very wood like, but with the long lasting qualities of bronze.
Tribal Figure is the tallest and final sculpture of a body of work titled “Semaphore”, which means signal flag. This series is characterized by a frontal pose, clean lines, minimal details and a wrapped like form towards the top third of the sculpture. She does embody David’s goal of trying to create the essence of feminine with spare, strong curves and form.
David had been studying Jungian dream theory and was very aware of his own dreams. Tribal Figure was restful but inspired by a dream in which tall willow like forms were coming toward him, brightly lit in the center. He felt they were trying to communicate with him in a very calm and soothing manner. He awoke and drew a sketch, which subsequently developed into a print series and sculpture series.
Can be commissioned in a larger size.

Exhibited : Navy Pier, Chicago, 2000.
Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head, SC
7 World Trade Center, NYC

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