Twentieth Century Goddess


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268S Ed. 24
Base is pine painted black, topped with antique aluminum disk, 7″d x 5″h
Stainless Steel, brushed.
Available by commission.
A new departure in form for David. She maintains the full frontal, totemic pose of so many of his newer works, but with no definition of head or gown. Inspiration was from a 19th century corset mannequin- advertisement form in Davids collection as well as forms of American Indian artifacts and Egyptian gown forms. 20th Century Goddess is the form that seems closest to achieving his goal of the purest form of “Woman”.

Type: Bronze Sculpture
Size: 14″ to 30″
Price: Under $10,000
Location: On a pedestal or table, indoors

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September 14, 2019 7:56 pm

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